“Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo – Enchanted Land!” The increasing number of visitors derives from its natural beauties as well as from its material / immaterial heritage. It is impossible to remain indifferent towards the vast architectural heritage spread all over the Municipality, with Churches of unique beauty, where we point out the monumentality of the Fortress Church of Escalhão.

Castelo Rodrigo is one of the most beautiful historical villages of Portugal and one of “The Seven Wonders” of the country, where stands out the Palace of Cristóvão de Moura. As you cover the streets of Castelo Rodrigo, take the opportunity to visit the 15th-century Pillory, the Main Church, the Medieval Cistern, and the vestiges left by the New Christians community. For over 600 years, this place was village and county seat.

On several occasions of history, the locals stood out for their bravery and loyalty to the crown. Next to Castelo Rodrigo is situated the towering Marofa mountain, a breathtaking viewpoint. In 1957 was built a Chapel in Honor of Our Lady of Fátima, to whom residents affectionately call “Lady of Marofa”. From the top of the Marofa mountain can be appreciated the statue of Christ the King, whose arms position seem to bless the entire Municipality.  Here, it is also possible to admire the Crypt and the Chapels with the mysteries of the Rosary.

The Santa Maria de Aguiar Convent is another of the jewels of the Municipality. Constructed in the 12th century next to the Aguiar stream by the primitive community of Benedictines or Hermits, integrated the Cistercian Order. In this temple where is venerated the Patroness Saint of the Municipality, Our Lady of Aguiar, prevails the Romanic and Gothic style. A few kilometres ahead on the right bank of the Aguiar stream, on the road to Almofala, can be found the grand monument of Torre das Águias (an ancient Roman temple of Almofala).

On a farm of over 650 hectares, is located the historical and uninhabited village of Colmeal. The diversity of its cultural heritage is present in the old houses made of shale and granite, in the XV Church as well as in the cave paintings of the Neolithic period. An image full of symbolism and history. While visiting this Municipality, you cannot miss this location, where peace walks along with nature, where you can wake up with the birds` chirping.

Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo has much more to offer. During your trip, you should take the opportunity to visit the idyllic place of Barca de Alva, one of the entrance doors of the region.

Visit this Municipality and surprise yourself!